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Boao International Hospital (Hainan)

♦Second Hospital of E'zhou (Hubei)

♦Yuncheng Xin Friendship Hospital (Shandong)

Boao International Hospital (Hainan)

Positioning: Boao International Hospital will practice the international strategy of "Healthy China";To create an online quality of life steward, to create well-being for the people's health.

Second Hospital of E'zhou (Hubei)

The hospital is positioned as a level-III general hospital with 1200 beds, an area of 42,880 square meters, and a construction area of 110,000 square meters. The new building is expected to open in the 2021.

Yuncheng Xin Friendship Hospital (Shandong)

Positioning: It is a three-level general hospital integrating medical treatment, emergency first aid, maternal and child health care and rehabilitation.