Chimin Health Management Co., LTD
Heavy capital research leads the world

Chimin invested more than 10 million US dollars to cooperate with Korean FAC in the automatic production line, which can achieve dispensing, printing, bag making, pipe, filling, sealing formation. It has the international advanced level.

From the independent development of non-PVC infusion film with 26 pharmaceutical packaging materials patents, to the non-PVC film and preparation technology invention patents;From the successful development of non-PVC infusion film "modified particles" mixing formula, to the double pipes soft bag rated as the National Torch Plan project;From the highly efficient development of peritoneal dialysis fluid to the finished product development of hemodialysis concentrate...Chimin R&D Center, successfully achieved the productivity transformation of scientific research technology, promoted the pace of enterprise development, drove the process of non-PVC infusion film localization, injected new strength for the rapid development of domestic pharmaceutical industry by cooperating with many domestic institutions of higher learning and scientific research.


Three principles of quality control management

Build a scientific system to promote standardized production: a unique complete set of scientific and effective drug quality assurance system, and organize production in strict accordance with GMP standards;

Well-equipped and accurate detection: it has world-class detection equipment such as particle detector, ULTRAVIOLET spectrometer, high-performance liquid chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrometer, etc., to ensure accurate and complete detection means;

Strictly control the management of production links to ensure the quality of products: from raw material procurement, production links to control, to release of products, the economic people strictly control the management of production links, adhere to the quality veto system, effectively ensure the quality stability.


Research and development strength witness

53 national patents and 7 pharmaceutical packaging materials registration certificates.

Double-pipe double-valve multi-layer co-extruded film soft bag project won the national Torch Plan project.

Take the lead in the successful research and development of modified particle formula,  research and development of non-PVC infusion film independently, achieve the domestic production and application of medical non-PVC film.

Continuous quality research.Establish a scientific and effective quality assurance system, equipped with high-end precision instruments, strictly control the purchase of raw materials, adhere to the quality of the veto system.