Chimin Health Management Co., LTD
to provide sincere love for human health

When a feeling is driven by the rhythm of modernization, it will present the unique symphony of The Times.

It is this kind of "condensing the world's wisdom, create a grand cause;The enterprise value of "to provide sincere love for human health" guides people to forge ahead in unity and serve a great health cause together, and also becomes a strong guarantee for people to bear social responsibility.

In 2002,Chimin independently developed non-PVC infusion membranes and obtained the national pharmaceutical packaging materials license and 26 patents related to pharmaceutical packaging materials, becoming the first domestic enterprise to replace import of home-made membrane materials;In 2008, on the basis of process optimization and technological innovation, the invention patent of non-PVC film and preparation process was obtained.In 2012, Chimin successfully studied the mixing formula for producing non-PVC infusion film "modified particles", ending the history of relying on imports for domestic membrane materials and opening a new chapter for Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises.

Listed as a modern pharmaceutical enterprise, Chimin has cooperated with RTI, a big American medical equipment company and the domestic many institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions. Advanced research and development production ability let Chimin provide innovative treatment options for patients with keen sense of touch and excellent quality.

Committed to the health and safety of human infusion medicine environment is the goal that Chimin has always adhered to in the past 20 years. In the future, Chimin will continue to achieve self-transcendence, lead the development of the industry with science and technology, and feed back the people's livelihood with quality. We will do our best for the rise of China's pharmaceutical industry.